Who's Really Winning in the App Store?

top paid appsI’ve been fascinated by the developers of apps in the iTunes app store. Pricing seems to be a big issue with developers. I often wonder who’s right.

A recent post at FingerGaming names the top paid games and points out that major franchise titles are having trouble competing with cheap no-name games.

The thing to consider when talking about higher priced apps competing with the $0.99 crew is that the $0.99 folks are only just beating them out in terms of volume, but not dollars.

For example, for every copy of Resident Evil ($6.99) sold, StickWars ($0.99) needs to sell seven to make the same amount. I don’t think that is happening. So which app is truly more successful?

While it seems the cheapies may always have a place high in the Top Seller list, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be beating out the higher prices competition.

And even if it ends up the case that $0.99 games start making more, it might just mean it is time for the big names to revise their sale’s models. Though it seems that will be happening already with Apple’s new in-app purchase system.