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Boycott Regal Cinemas

A little while back a 19 year old woman in Virginia was arrested for filming 20 seconds of Transformers with a digital camera (a Canon Powershot, not a video camera). The 20 second clip was for her 13 year old brother in order to get him excited about the movie.

Was that a little dumb? Yes.

But clearly this woman is no criminal. The worse case scenario would have been that her brother was not swayed by the 20 second clip and decided not to see the film. Arlington prosecutor, Richard E. Trodden realized that this was a harmless error in judgment and not some villainous pirate trying to steal the movie. He let the woman make a guilty plea, she paid a $71 fine and is on probation for a year. Seems fair.

Regal Cinemas didn’t think so. They wanted her prosecuted fully in accordance with their zero tolerance policy.

Regal Cinemas would like this woman’s life ruined over 20 seconds of a movie on a digital camera. Yes, it was stupid, but should she have been sent to jail for a year and be forced to pay $2,500 for that youthful mistake? No. And that is why everyone should boycott Regal Cinemas. Find the one nearest you and avoid it like a rabid porcupine. It is time that movie theaters stop treating customers like criminals. No more wearing night vision goggles, no more zero-tolerance policies.

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