The Environment, Stupid

At first I thought I was just seeing more and more about the environment because I was thinking about it more.  Now I realize that isn’t true.  As the problems with the our ecosystems are discovered there is just more news, whether it’s local, national, or international.  Things like ecosystems collapsing, politicians embracing “green” ideas and agendas, half the coral reefs dying in 25 years, and that our consumption of resources is outreaching their production.

I just wonder when it will all finally sink in for most folks.  I also wonder how bad it’ll have to be for that to happen and if there will be any thing to do once it final does become an obvious and undeniable problem. At one time President Clinton had a campaign platform that went (in part) “The economy, stupid.”  I think it is finally time that we hear a similar and equally important message from our current candidates, but this time regarding something that has a much more difficult time bouncing back, our environment.
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