Using the JP (Japan Post) to Send Money

If you want to send money from Japan you can use the post office. The JP (Japan Post) used to be the best deal in town. Nowadays there are other ways that are just as good. Short of setting up an account with CitiBank (which is marginally better), it’ll be pretty much the same no matter where you send money from.

Below you find the important pages from the JP booklet. You can send money in two ways.

One way is to send a money order to an address, this is the most annoying way because you have to pay for the EMS mail service and the money order can only be up to a certain amount per check— which means you may have to fill out six money orders.

The second way is to send money to an account. You can do this with cash or from one account to another. I recommend cash, because it is easier. You’ll need to have some bank account info (see below) and you’ll probably be charged by your bank to receive the money.

JP Post booklet (PDF)