Is The Goblin-Man of Norway Real?

The answer of course is no. Unless by real you mean a really a well done hoax meant to increase excitement about a video game for XBox titled Too Human. The Goblin-Man of Norway is said to have been made in 1999 and is somehow connected to the Norwegian Film Committee. Suspiciously Goblin-Man of Norway is the only thing on the site. Even more suspiciously a whois search of norwegianfilmcommittee.org reveals that the domain was created on Feb 14, 2008 and is set to expire in only one year. What makes this suspicious is that the site claims the film is from 1999. Goblin-Man of Norway GoofBut the biggest goof is that there is a Toyota Prius in the driveway of “Rob Niosi” the “self-proclaimed ‘Goblin Man enthusiast’” which is exceptional considering the model of Prius hadn’t been introduced until 2004. Even more damning is the location of the server— Canada, where the game developer, Silicon Knights, is located. Taking all the above into consideration along with the fact that the film’s director “Howard Byrackk” has no bio or credits on IMDB or Wikipedia.

The “film” is trying to build a mythology around the game. The developers are claiming it is the opposite of course (saying the game is built around the film) to make things interesting. An interesting marketing campaign, but that is all it is.

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The Answers to the Annoying Arguements— Prius vs. the SUV

Why are people so easily fooled?

Right off the bat it needs to be pointed out that the Prius isn’t 100% green, it probably isn’t even 50% green. That said, SUV’s are worse, even if a report by a marketing team uses bad science and silly assumptions to say it ain’t so.

There’s also those folks who talk about how commuting five miles in an SUV is better than commuting twenty miles in a Prius. No kidding! But that isn’t a proper comparison, it is just a terrible argument that completely fails to make any sense. Commutes in the US have steadily increased over the years, so the five mile commute is rare to say the least. But the important thing is that by creating two different distance there is no longer any point of comparison— driving those five miles using a Prius would be better than using an SUV.

Some folks talk about nickel and Sudbury, Ontario (which isn’t as polluted as it used to be, but is very far from being clean), tell them that the new Prius uses lithium batteries not nickel. Also, mention that nickel is used in the manufacturing of most cars, since nickel is needed to make stainless steel.

It might be interesting to point out that the H3 Hummer, and most SUV’s, get about as many miles per gallon as the Ford Model-T.

That said, the Prius isn’t perfect, everyone should make an effort to drive less when possible— no matter what you drive. It is important to remember that there isn’t one car out there that is a friend of the environment, only cars that are less hostile.