OLED TV's Will Make Your LCD's and Plasmas Look Like Poo

Well not really, not yet anyway. Sony recently announced that the first OLED (organic light emitting diode) TV will hit the market in December of 2007, but at ¥200,000 (~$1700 USD) for 11 inches it isn’t going to take the world by storm.

However this news brings OLED one step closer to become a practical alternative to LCD and Plasma TV’s. Why, you ask, would anyone consider an OLED TV? Here’s the list of ways that OLED can compete with LCD so far. OLED has:

  • brighter colors
  • sharper contrast
  • much thinner
  • weighs less
  • more energy efficient
  • faster video relay (no blur like LCD & Plasma)

But here is why you don’t want one today:

  • expensive
  • small viewing size (only 11″ diagonal)
  • limited life span (sort of, 30,000 hours which is roughly 10 years of viewing it 8 hours a day)

It seems at this point that OLED will be the standard, but it isn’t ready for the spot light just yet. Once they get cheaper, larger, and last longer they’ll be ready for prime time.

meanwhile there are lots of other potential applications of OLED in our futures. Take a look at what else it can do.