A Letter to Barack Obama Concerning Coal

Dear Mr. Barack Obama,

Coal has no future. Not in America, not in China, not on this planet. I’ve argued against people who say that you are an regular politician disguised in eloquent phrasings, however your unbending commitment to coal makes me question your integrity. Anyone with half a mind can see that coal is, and always will be, a dirty non-renewable monster. It was a valuable resource way back when, but we are not living in when we are living in now. So please look around you and see that in order to do what is right for our country and our planet you must move forward towards that inevitable admission that coal is, and will forever more be, a dark black plume of smoke clouding our eyes.


Obama Fever Hits Obama, Japan

People in Japan overwhelmingly seem to like Obama. That goes double for the city of Obama. They are really excited, though part of that excitement seems to be the hope that they can use the name recognition to increase their city’s notoriety. But when you think about it, Obama’s campaign is about spread hope, and that’s what he’s doing for the people of Obama City, so I think in a way it is perfect and maybe even amazingly great.

Who’s have guessed there would ever be Obama Fish Burgers or an Obama Kimono?