Let Me Introduce You to My Little Friend

For about a week both Monica & Travis were out of town. In the northeast actually. It was funny to me that they were in places like Northampton and NY while I was in Seattle. But I guess that isn’t really very funny when it comes down to it.

Since they were both gone a duty fell upon me, that duty was to make sure Boo the cat didn’t befall a terrible fate— like accidentally watching Doom the movie (which is worse than having a porcupine make its burrow in your lower intestine). Anyway, let me tell you a little about Boo.

The first thing I ever noticed about Boo was his serious lack of a tail, he’s not that way because of some freak accident but because of genetics, or god, depending on your outlook. The three things to know about Boo are this:

  • he needs attention like no other cat I have seen
  • he will cough up a hairball, and it will not be cute like it is in cartoons
  • he will put his face within an inch of yours and wake you up before the sun is even thinking about rising
  • he will lick his belly until it’s only got peach fuzz

That’s four, I lied about there only being three. Sorry.
Seriously, though Boo is a cute little cat and even though he made me insane once or twice he is very nice.


Go ahead, tell me this isn’t a pretty cat, I dare you. (preemptive: LIAR!)


He actually sleeps like this, with his little paw covering his face. Come on!

And look, you can see his peach fuzzy belly.

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