I Like the Mountain Goats

I’ve like the Mountain Goats for a while now. Back five of six months ago I was lucky enough to see them in Northampton, MA at the Iron Horse. The singer / songwriter John Darnielle has some of the best between song banter I have ever seen and I’ve been to more than a few shows. Here is a video via youtube of them live… actually it looks like it is one half of the Mountain Goats, usually there is a bass player along with John Darnielle.

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I went for a walk around Seattle’s downtown. Travis & Monica live within walking distance, which means that I didn’t have to take the bus, I am a little afraid of the bus so that’s a bonus, and besides I like to walk.

Seattle has a nice enough downtown, or at least that is how it seems with my very limited experience. I went straight until I saw water, then I just ambled this way and that. Going straight to water put me right at the end of Pike Place Market, where I saw a protest against Free Trade with Korea. I also saw a weird totem pole, that wasn’t quite a real totem pole but a pole with a totem facade. I saw people singing on the street. I saw poor people sleeping on a little grassy spot while not-so-poor people took breaks from shopping. I saw mountains and water and stadiums. I saw a lot of stuff.

seattle skyline w/stadiums

two guys seattle snapour friend the totem

street piano

werid spot where some people sleep and others make puppy eyes

shanty town behind fancy hotel

The one thing that struck me at first was how few homeless people I saw. Then I saw a homeless man and within seconds a cop was helping away from the tourist filled area. Then it struck me how there are quite a few homeless people in Seattle but they are hidden, in many cases hidden in plain sight. There was a *huge* police presence. I know this is old news, but I forget that it happens sometimes, Northampton, MA was full of homeless people, but the police there just ignore them so it’s an easy thing to forget after a few years. The craziest instance was when I saw the shanty town behind an oceanside luxury hotel (see below). What a contrast.

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