The Most Important Thing for the Internet

Don’t know what net neutrality is? Watch this video then. Net neutrality is probably one of the biggest issues in our lifetime because it is the what will decide how free and equal we are on the internet. Learn more at places like Save The Internet.com And if you think that companies like Comcast and Verizon aren’t trying to do things that will negatively impact you then watch this video and answer this question. Why would Comcast actively seek to block free speech by engaging is such dirty tatics?

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Number One Reason for Net Neutrality

A while back I emailed my representatives and told them what I think of net neutrality. I got back some silly response kindly saying that I was wrong and that net neutrality was bad for business and hurts innovation etc etc. Now it is pretty easy to argue that those things are false. There really aren’t any quality arguments against net neutrality. That said, there are some pretty silly arguments for net neutrality too.

And yet, one ridiculous sounding pro net neutrality argument got a full turn around just recently. It’s the argument is that corporations could censor the web. Why isn’t it silly anymore? It appears that AT&T has done just that, just this week it was reported that AT&T censored anit-Bush lyrics during a webcast of a Pearl Jam concert.

We live in a world where corporations control just about everything, but the internet is the one place that still has some semblance of freedom. If large corporations are allowed to have their way they’ll destroy the internet as we know it. Period.

So, I’ve written back to my representatives, told them that I don’t buy their arguments and that I expect them to do their duty and protect the public interest. We’ll see how it goes.