Facebook Bait and Switch

I rarely use Facebook, and when I do I usually just check to see what my friends and family are up to. So, I completely missed a big change. A Facebook application I hadn’t really ever used, but had installed, called My Aquarium, got bought out.

The only reason I noticed this was because I suddenly was getting notices from an application called SpeedDate. According to the new owners they were “changing the focus and function” of the application.

I’m shocked Facebook allowed something like this. This is essentially an insanely ridiculous form of bait and switch. It’s like getting on a bus to go downtown and halfway there the driver announces that bus company was bought out and now the bus is a gym and you are now a member. It makes no sense.

Or as tardate put it “Kind of like if Microsoft came along and bought up Adobe then sent an email to all Photoshop users saying they must all upgrade to Excel. Can you imagine the consumer revolt that would cause?”

All said, I think this is really bad for Facebook, as it hurts the site’s credibility.