iLAS 1.0beta

iLAS iconHey people, iLAS is back and better than ever… seriously, I know it isn’t amazing, but it can still be “better than ever.” It’s better because I fixed it up. There might be a couple more things getting tossed in soon, but I vow to keep iLAS as simple & basic as possible. I mean, it just uses Lame to make mp3’s using iTunes so how complicated does it need to be? The only known Bad News™ is that things won’t work right if you don’t have “Copy files to iTunes music folder…” checked off. But that isn’t so bad, and it is what might get fixed soon. Anyway…

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  • there shouldn’t be anymore of the “jlink” business
  • you can make up whatever crazy genre you’d like, iLAS doesn’t care

iTunes & Lame

There used to be a really helpful application called iTunes Lame that would let you import songs from a CD into iTunes. It is still out there but it has become a monster. Where it once worked smoothly and easily it now works like crap. The big problem is that it doesn’t seem to tag songs properly anymore, which makes it nearly worthless to me.iLAS icon

So I wrote iLAS. It works and that is all I need. It isn’t fancy, so no one will be impressed but that isn’t what I was trying to do. I just want to be able to import CD’ s into iTunes with Lame, because I don’t like Apple’s built in mp3 encoder.

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tips, whatnot

Batch Converting to MP3 with Lame

I had a folder of .wav files that I wanted to convert to mp3 using lame. I thought I remembered an easy way to have it convert the entire folder but I couldn’t make anything happen. So I came up with an easy system using the mac’s terminal. All I have to do is go into a folder and type mp3ed and I get mp3 conversion just how I like it.

Here is how to do it:

  1. open the terminal and type “nano .bash_profile”
  2. type or paste to the end of the file (or as the first line if it’s a new file):

    alias mp3ed=”find *.wav -exec //usr/local/bin/lame –vbr-new -V0 ‘{}’ \;”

    (If you have a lame setting you like better you can change the “–vbr-new -V0” part of course.)

  3. hit control-x, then y at the prompt, then return at the last prompt.
  4. restart the terminal

Now, all you need to do to convert a folder of wav files is go into that folder (cd myfolder) and type mp3ed.

Of course for this to work you’ll need lame installed. If you are even just a tiny bit comfortable with the terminal that is easy enough (hint: decompress and paste cd ~/desktop/lame-3.97; ./configure; make; make install). To install lame you’ll also need apple’s free xcode, which you can download or install from the disks that came with your mac.