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Snow Lake

snow lake stitched panorama

yes, more natureLast weekend my friend Monica and I went hiking to Snow Lake. It was about an hours drive to the trail head, from there it was a 3 mile hike to the lake. To say that the quick ascent was pretty would be like saying a the arctic is chilly. And while it was all up all the time it wasn’t punishing, but it was certainly not long rolling green pastures. And of course it is because of the near constant climb that there were nearly constant views.

oh, that is natureThe weather was perfect, in the mid 70’s with barely a cloud in the sky. The trail was very busy, but I can’t blame folks— a beautiful lake only 3 miles in, a relatively easy climb, how could anyone say no? To get to the lake you go straight up on side of the mountain (no idea what that mountain’s name is) and then back down the other side, though not to the elevation you start from.

Once we got to the lake we ate lunch and I swam. Note the name of the lake… it was a chilly swim (see previously analogy). The photo at the very top is a stitched panorama of the lake, it captures maybe 34.72% of how beautiful the lake area was. Afterward we picked a ton of the plentiful and delicious wild blueberries that were all around the lake.

HUGE blueberry pancake with fresh blueberriesI mention the blueberries, not just because they were great to eat, but also because we used them dinner. I made blueberry pancakes with what was described as a “sh-t ton of blueberries.” Not to toot my horn, but they were amazing pancakes… actually it isn’t tooting my horn because the pancakes were from a mix, I used Arrowhead Mills Multigrain Pancakes which is a favorite of mine since it uses corn mean, and I love anything that is like cornbread. I also ended up making a HUGE pancake (pictured), this fella was nearly the size of my head and I ate him like it every second of his existence was an insult to my family.

view from above snow lake snow lake trail stitched panorama

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