Lex Luthor's Father Was Right, Land is Really Valuable

When I was a mere prodigy, Miss Teschmacher, having
passed through vandalism with flying colors at the age
of six, my father said to me: “Son, stocks will rise and fall. . . .
(gesturing around him)
Utilities and transportation systems may even collapse, and
people are no damn good – but they’ll always need land, and
for that they’ll pay, through the nose. Remember that,” my
father said. “Land.”
(from Superman, 1978)

In 1978 Lex Luthor shared with us this lesson that his father taught him on the big screen, the Maldives are taking it into consideration right now. Thanks to the “myth” of global warming the people who live in Maldives will likely need a new home by 2100. In less than one hundred years their country will be mostly submerged. With an eye towards this grim future the country’s new president is starting a fund to purchase land and relocate their country. If ever there has been a moment where folks needed to ponder how game-changing climate change is this is it. People right now are planning where to live when their country is underwater. This isn’t a distant future either, it is one that the next generation, and even some of those alive right now, will be present for.