They are all Tried as an Adult

So some thirteen-year old butt-head in Illinois robbed a bank at gun point. Insane, I know. They found him pretty easily because the red dye exploded on him making him a bit conspicuous.
More insane though is that the lawyers are thinking of trying him as an adult.
What the hell is there is juvenile system for if every other kid gets treated like an adult?
More importantly we need to ask if a mistake made at thirteen should mean potentially spending more than a third of your life in jail. And are we trying to rehabilitate this kid or are we trying to punish him? The criminal system in America is so out of sorts.
Currently the US tops the world for people in jail [1][2]. We seem to be spending lots of money to lock up bad people. The bigger problem is we also lock up a very significant number not-so-bad people along with them and those people rarely come out a better person for it.
I know this has all been said before but I think it is time to think again about prison perpetuating criminal behavior.