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iPhone Silliness

I’m all about Apple, when OS X first came out I instantly realized that my PC days were through. I was even one of the suckers who bought the first generation iPod, you know the boxy one thicker than a pack of playing cards with a whopping 5gb hard drive. I’ve smartened up a bit since then, I’ll wait for the iPhone to become smaller and more amazing and perhaps Cingular-free.

iPhone cut-outBut it’s not like I don’t want one. I just don’t feel like I need one, but I said the same thing about the iPod before I bought that. Some people have decided they want one so badly that they are willing to spend the time and ink to make fake ones from paper-cut-out, which is obviously too far. There are still others who want to feel like their current smart phone is an iPhone and so people have developed iPhone skins for the Palm OS.

iPhony (iPhone skin for pocketPC)

The skins have been met with cease and desist orders from Apple (reasonable since they appear to be images taken directly from Apple), so don’t go racing to the internet hoping to make those Blackberries hip again.

Even with people pissed off about Cingular (see the comments here for example), I can’t help but think these things will sell like Playboys at a teenage summer camp. Even if the LG Prada Phone is going to beat the iPhone to market.