Vote McCain for President of Laughs

A recent article on CNN talks about the McCain campaign’s use of “humor” in its attacks on Obama.

Lighten up, responded Republicans. There is an “important role for humor in all campaigns,” said senior McCain adviser Nicolle Wallace. “I think all of us would slit our wrists if it wasn’t for that.”

Clearly Nicole Wallace doesn’t understand that politics is serious. It’s okay to tell a joke, to have fun, but the business of running the country isn’t a joke. It is terrifying that a senior official in McCain’s campaign thinks that what they are doing is just “humor.” It isn’t jokes, they are mean spirited attacks thinly veneered in a “joke.” Come election time Americans are not voting for the person who made them laugh, we’re voting for the person who can take the job seriously and run this country in a way that will make us proud of the US. I want the US to get the national pride and respect that Mr. Bush destroyed back. At this point, though I never would have thought it possible a year ago, McCain seems completely incapable of this important task.


Return to Supermans

I recently discovered that I never posted this video. It a Superman ripoff in the same way that Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam (aka Turkish Star Wars) was a ripoff of Star Wars. The difference of course being that the people who made this are doing it on purpose, and almost definitely saw or heard of Turkish Star Wars.

And it’s also come to my attention now that there is actually quite a tradition of these sorts of things, for instance Japanese Spiderman was definitely a influence (note the theme music). And perhaps Turkish Superman and Indian Superman too.

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Cheney's Concept of America

I found this screen capture from The Onion recently and it gave me a soft sad laugh. The caption reads “Cheney vows to attack US if Kerry elected.” It’s funny to me because it kind of strikes me as half true, it’s a dark joke about how folks like Cheney seem to see a lot of the American public as adversaries instead of a group of people who’s voices need to be heard.

“Lucky” for us Kerry was never that great of a candidate so we didn’t need had to see how far Cheney was willing to go to win.


D.I.Y. Glass Necklace

I was looking through xkcd a few weeks ago and saw a cartoon about making a glass necklace, since then I’ve thought about it everytime there is thunderstorm (there was one today). Apparently I am not the only one.

If you aren’t familiar with xkcd take a look, there is something nice about the stick figures that make this comic. The humor isn’t always 100% on target, but it usually is— though I should warn folks that it is fairly geeky. One of my favorite xkcd’s for example, is nonsense to non-geeks. To be fair, it is made by a former NASA Roboticist.

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Arguements for or Against YouTube (a new hamster dance)

I was recently involved in a discussion about how useful YouTube is. I was on the pro YouTube side. I don’t think it is the end-all for the internet, but I do think it is possible for it to provide a useful service. However, I can not agree with the idea that YouTube creates a new place for people to have a voice and create democracy. That might happen a little bit, but that is just by virtue of YouTube being part of the internet.

That said, I’m not sure if this video is an argument for or against YouTube. I guess part of freedom is the freedom to decide whether or not you like something, or in my case to be unsure if you find something to be stupidly funny or just stupid.

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Evil Can Still be Kind of Funny

Ignoring the arguments about whether Google is as good as they claim to be, one has to admit that they have a sense of humor. Take for instance their directions via google maps to get from New York, NY to Paris, France. I don’t know why I’d never considered just swimming the 3,462 miles to save on that costly plane ticket.

My brother showed me a couple of other cases of slightly evil and very evil being kind of funny. One is the now famous “Wooden Spoon Prank” check you tube for the dozens of people trying to imitate this.

The other is less known, but about a thousand times more evil. It is actually only borderline funny because it is so mean.

And of course all of this is courtesy of youTube, which is owned by Google… along with the other third of the internet.

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The PC is Funny

John Hodgman (I'm a PC)Tonight I saw John Hodgman read at the Elliot Bay Book Co. he wrote the book The Areas of My Expertise, which has an accompanying website. He is also famous for the Mac Vs. PC ads, in which he plays the PC.

The reading was part performance, which sounds like a dumb thing to say because what reading isn’t, but what I am saying is that his reading was much more a performance than most readings. More important was that it was more a performance than most readings without becoming annoying like performance/readings can sometimes be. His sidekick Jonathan Coulton had to skip out early for his own solo performance in town, but from what little I saw of him he was amazing. He’s got a website too, though I haven’t checked it out yet so I can’t say anything more. I can say that you should listen to his song “code monkey” which you can find right now at the bottom of this post… though I must say that it was better without the electric guitar & band, but what can you do? No, seriously, I’m asking.

The short of it is that I will definitely read Hodgman’s book, though I’m afraid it might not live up to the performance. I feel safe recommending that people look at the book and I definitely recommend going to see him if you get the chance. I’ve been told you can find out where he will be next from the Area of My Expertise website, so go there if you are at all interested. Be interested. He is smart, funny, and weird. That’s a pretty perfect combo in my opinion.