Huckabee is a Dink

Republican Mike Huckabee visited NH yesterday (02/10/07) to try to get something going for his 2008 presidential campaign. He is one of the many politicians confused by gay marriage. An Associated Press article said of his visit to New Hampshire:

The former Arkansas governor, who is seeking the GOP presidential nomination, said heterosexual marriages face enough challenges without adding new configurations to the mix.

It would take a terribly confused (and lets be honest, dumb) heterosexual to become even slightly challenged by this “new configuration.” What everyone against gay marriage needs to realize is that it isn’t up to them and it doesn’t affect them. If your child is going to be gay he will be gay even if you make homosexuality illegal. What’s more, no one will say, “hey, I have a boyfriend and I am a woman who wants to get married… which configuration do I choose? I sure wish someone had made this easier to figure out.”

Huckabee also said that “people have a right to decide how they live their lives,” but apparently that doesn’t mean being gay and deciding to get married or adopt children. The absolute hollowness of that phrase is almost funny if it wasn’t so disturbing. Is this a man to even consider as a possible president?

One can not say they are for a ban on gay marriage and love freedom without revealing tragic hypocrisy. Today we look back and feel slight shame that our forefathers called all men equal while building a country with slaves. Future generations will look back at us with that same sad feeling. Yes, our forefathers did great things, and so will we, but that does not liberate us from our own small mindedness.