Zodiac Killer Found?

It looks like the identity of the Zodiac Killer may finally have been uncovered. Jack Tarrance’s step-son, Dennis Kaufman, has found loads of evidence. He’s been trying to prove his step-father is the villain for years. A hunt spurred on by the death of his mother, possibly at the hands of Tarrance. The whole story seems too true and sad to be wrong. Only time will tell though.


Frank Black, Who Knew?

I knew I liked the Pixies, so I should have known that I’d like Frank Black, but for some reason I never bothered to find out if I would. That changed today.

At work I listen to internet radio stations. One of those stations is KEXP which is located here in Seattle. Today I had the opportunity to sit back and let Frank Black introduce me to Frank Black as he performed some songs in the KEXP studio. Frank Black in the lead man for the Pixies, which exists again. Apparently the band is planning on releasing another album, though there nothing is set down right now. Since the Pixies fell apart Black has continue his life in the form most common to the victims of big band breakups— a solo musician. frank black

Frank Black was a pleasure to listen to, his lyrics are great and his banter with the KEXP DJ (Kevin Cole) was almost as good. More than that though he seemed like a genuinely nice and interesting person.

Frank Black is playing tonight, right now actually (now being 8:30pm on a Monday), at the Showbox. Anyone lucky enough to be there is having an amazing experience I am sure. He’s been touring to support his new album Fast Man Raider Man.

If you have a decent internet connection and realplayer or windows media player (both of which I hate), you can listen to an archived stream of the studio performance on the KEXP website, I assume it will eventually be on the studio performances page as well. I suggest you go and do that now.

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Non-Profit Funding (notes)

Some notes towards something more later:

greenYesterday I was approached by Greenpeace for the second time in three days while walking home. They were doing some fund raising. It was a typical deal, where a young man with a clipboard asks you an easy question like “do you care about the environment?” Of course I care about the environment. The problem is what this question leads to, will you give us money? Asking for money isn’t the problem though, it’s how they are asking for the money that is. Non-profits have started to use a new system where they automatically deduct “as little” as ten dollars straight from your bank account. What’s more, you won’t be given an other option. Either give a minimum of $120 a year or don’t at all. You’ll have to go to the website for that, but only after getting the hard sell on the street.

The explanation is that it lowers their overhead, which is undoubtedly true. The problem is that I don’t have a lot of money. I like to give to charity, but my little means makes it so that I can only give a little and what little I can give I like to break up among important issues. Yes, I like the environment, I also like the ACLU, and saving children, and ending Hunger and Homelessness in America, and so on. But I can not give every group $120 ever year, not without risking becoming a charity case myself anyway.

The Greenpeace hard sell was extra insulting because the fella implied that I should have given to him instead of buy my new shoes which I needed to keep my feet dry after four days of straight rain, which I explained to him. He then told me how I could say the environment for the price of X number of lattes, which I don’t drink (partially) because of the cost. I then explained that I just moved here and just got a job and that I have a bunch of bills and also need to get money together for a deposit so I can get an apartment. The solution? He’s signed up a bunch of broke college students so I should too. I won’t go into why that was a dumb thing to say, but it led me to this thought— non-profit funding is in crisis. If they all are depending on broke college students and people like me to support important issues there isn’t much hope. And this funding isn’t just money, but time and energy. I didn’t like the guy hard selling me, but I respect his commitment and I realize what good work these people are trying to do. I think from here it would be easy to get back into class, but I’ll hold off, I need to get ready for work anyway.
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