Report: Ridiculous Study Reported on (or: Who Cares if Women Talk More)

The AP is reporting on a study to see who talks more, men or women. It is pretty obvious that this is pointless right off the bat, because we’re speaking about generalities which aren’t all that helpful anyway. But once we understand the parameters of the study it becomes far less useful. The researchers based their findings on a whopping 396 college students, each of whom wore a recorder that was turned on at random.

The questions any reader should ask are

  1. Is a group of 396 college students a large and diverse enough group to prove anything about an entire gender?
  2. Did wearing a microphone that could be on at any given moment change how the college students talked?
  3. Do I really believe a random magazine article that says women talk almost twice as much as men in the first place and do I even care if reliable research reports one gender as a whole talks a little more than another?

The fact is that some women are very talkative and that some men are just as talkative. Conversely, some men don’t say much and some women say just as little. The only thing this study reinforces is that many studies tend to over generalize.


Imus Isn't the Problem

Listen. Imus might suck for saying stupid things but talking only about what he said is just dumb. Imus isn’t the problem. The problem with Imus is that he said something stupid and now people want to talk about what he said, and once the media is through with him we will all pretend America is alright again. But America isn’t all right. Race and sex are still major hurtles for Americans every day.

One problem is our reaction is tailored to be completely impotent, another problem is what we are teaching people. “Watch what you say and no one will bother you,” is all we are saying. That is worthless. The problem is the racism and sexism in this country, the words are just the expression of those feelings and ideas that are very real still in America. The reality is that even if these ideas are not voiced they will continue to exist. By shutting down the conversation we are doing nothing to change the situation.

Don’t be fooled. You can shut Imus up but in doing so you haven’t done anything. By focusing only on Imus and the larger issues (race and gender in America) the media only facilitates the band-aiding of those issues and is hamstringing good honest discussion. If they really cared about the issues and not the entertainment value of what Imus said they would be discussing these issues in relation to Don Imus.

If you want to affect change in America on the issues that matter you can not just oppress the hurtful and wrongheaded ideas that people have, you have to meet them head on with a rational, thoughtful, and unemotional dialog. But until then we can just keep telling people to keep their mouths shut and walk around in willful ignorance of the challenges people face in this country based on race, class, religion, and gender.

Imus isn’t the problem, the way we deal with a person like Don Imus is.