Return to Supermans

I recently discovered that I never posted this video. It a Superman ripoff in the same way that Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam (aka Turkish Star Wars) was a ripoff of Star Wars. The difference of course being that the people who made this are doing it on purpose, and almost definitely saw or heard of Turkish Star Wars.

And it’s also come to my attention now that there is actually quite a tradition of these sorts of things, for instance Japanese Spiderman was definitely a influence (note the theme music). And perhaps Turkish Superman and Indian Superman too.

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Why I Like Woot.com

I have never purchased a single thing from woot.com, and I don’t know if I ever will, but I go there often. Why? Because they have one of the most amusing sales tactics I’ve been near. They try their best to sell their one item of the day with character and style. It almost always goes for humor and of those times it nearly always succeeds (though to varying degrees).

For example, here is their opening pitch for the 10 keyboards for $18 sale (Tuesday 2/06/07 (sold out)):

Right now you’re probably wondering, “What in the name of Christopher Sholes would I want with ten Kensington 64362 Keyboards?” We’ll grant that it’s a legitimate question…. [link added]

They continue:

But here’s an even better question: what are we supposed to do with hundreds of these Godforsaken things? If ten seems useless and excessive, what about five hundred? A thousand? And every one takes up crucial warehouse space that could be occupied by more exciting electronic gizmahickeys. We know we don’t want them. But you people are weird, so maybe you might.

Do I want to buy those keyboards now? No. That is insane. But it sure is gonna get me to go back again to see how they try to make the sale next time.

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Time to Despair

mistakesA friend tipped me off to despair.com which has a bunch of things for the pessimistic at heart. Mostly though, it’s just demotivational posters. These are a parody of the classic posters garnished with soaring eagles and words like “excellence” followed by a sentence or two explaining what excellence is in the work place. They also have a mug with a line to mark the “half empty” point. It’s worth a look for a cheap laugh (cheap unless you buy something anyway).

Another favorite of mine is “Get to Work. You aren’t being paid to believe in the power of your dreams”


Randall Park and Dr Miracles

Randall park is a funny man, he’s been the man behind Dr. Miracles on Channel102.net. Channel 102 is an amazing website (as is Channel101.com). The last installment of Dr. Miracles aired on Channel 102 just recently, you can catch the entire series, only four “episodes” on youTube or Channel 102, they are all funny but *very* inappropriate for the little ones. Here’s the finale.

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Now I Will Eat Nutri-Grain

I found this movie on Casey Bisson’s excellent blog— it’s really the only one I check regularly. The video is kind of freaky, but that freakishness makes it funny. The woman, especially in the end, freaks me out the most. What is most amazing about it is that it is more a social satire (or some grotesque portrait of society) than it is a commercial, to the point where I don’t even feel like anyone was actually trying to sell me anything.

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