With a slogan like, “everything should taste like bacon,” how could this not win my heart? Actually, being so far from the USA I haven’t been able to try Baconnaise yet. But seeing as it is vegetarian friendly, it is just a matter of time before I do. I’ll never give up being a vegetarian, but there are (very rare) moments where I miss things like bacon on a sandwich. Will Baconnaise be able to fill that void? Or will it make my mouth sad? Only time will tell.



Being a good-for-nothing-vegetarian means that there can be trouble when attempting to eat out. Sure there is pizza, but that gets old after a while. A lot of places now have veggie burgers, but again, veggie burgers do get old. It isn’t always easy to find menus that go beyond the veggie burger though. In fact many menus try to squeeze meat into just about everything they serve. Chinese, Japanese, and Indian food tends to be very accessible to vegetarians, though even those can’t always be counted out (watch out for those broths and sauces folks).

Two places I have found in Seattle that serve strictly vegetarian menus are the Vegetarian Bistro and the Bamboo Garden.

The Bamboo Garden is in Queen Anne at 364 Roy Street. The atmosphere isn’t anything special and the food was okay. My socks were not knocked off, in fact they weren’t even tugged at. it wasn’t bad though. The prices were on par for Chinese food anywhere else, not too cheap and not too expensive. The menu offered a pretty good selection, but I just couldn’t get into my meal. They have lunch specials but none of them looked like what I wanted so I ended up paying more and getting less than the people I ate with.

Vegetarian BistroThe Vegetarian Bistro is in the International District at 668 S. King Street and was the better of the two in my opinion. For one, the atmosphere was very nice, they even have a tea bar in the back. The menu is huge (almost too big) and has photos of some of the meals so that you have an idea of what you are getting yourself into. The prices are reasonable, and they have a lunch special— $7 for a main dish with soup and a spring roll. Of course you also get some delicious tea and a tasty fortune cookie (note: fortune may not be impressive, mine predicted I would read information that was “helpful” — self-fulling fortune cookie?). I got the Mongolian Veggie Chicken, and it was very nice. My socks were still on, but a felt a slight pull a couple times.

Of the two I recommend going to the Vegetarian Bistro, it’s just nicer.

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Yum & Yuck

rowingI ate down by the water the other day at a Mexican restaurant called Agua Verde Cafe. The food was delicious, not too pricey, and it was happy hour so my beer only cost $2.50. Okay, can I just say that $2.50 does not a happy hour make, that’s more like a pleasant hour. It wasn’t like I got some expensive beer, it was a Pacifico. Anyway, I had this taco composed of yams, onions, and cheese with some sort of tasty sauce. It was called a Taco Boniato and it was worth every penny. We ate on the deck which was nice, but would have been nicer if the weather was just a tiny bit better, because then they would have had the removable sides taken down, giving a full view of the beautiful lake we were eating beside. After that my friend and I went down to the docks just below so that I could see what water looked like in Seattle. It looks just fine. Below Agua Verde is a paddle club where you can rent kayaks, at $15 an hour it seems worth it to be able to explore what looks like a pretty amazing seascape.
waterwarning signs

I mean, look at how pretty the water looks on the surface, [cue “hard hitting” tv “journalist” overdub] and yet beneath this seemingly pristine facade lies a terrible reality. After these messages!!
[cue commercial] Buy the new iPod

I found this sign posted in quite a few places. But hey, at how often could it possible rain in Seattle? Even if sewage isn’t overflowing into the water while I’m there I’d like to avoid anywhere that sewage ever overflows into. Look at that swimming person on the sign, why can’t he see what a terrible mistake he’s made!  I realize that birds, fish, and little kids do all sorts of business in the water, but sewage seems like taking it up to the next level.