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Travel Cheap (great ticket prices)

I’m heading to Japan for a year to teach conversational English and I needed a plane ticket to Tokyo one-way. I’m was only buying it a month ahead because I had to wait for all my paperwork to get processed before buying the ticket so prices on sites like Orbitz and Travelocity were in excess of $1000. Not ideal. I don’t have cash spilling out of my various orifices, so was looking to fly cheap or at least cheaper.

What I did was get in touch with Yung Mei Choi at STA Travel, she was an absolute pleasure to work with and was able to meet all the requirements of my flight. See, I needed to arrive on Nov. 30th by 4pm at Tokyo’s Narita airport. She found me a ticket for less than $600 that arrived in Tokyo at 3:55pm! The one catch (there’s always one) is that you need to be a teacher or student to qualify for the most amazing prices that STA has. And my ticket wasn’t even a deal by their standards, on the site they are currently advertising a flight from NY to London for less than $200 round trip, it used to cost me about twice that for a ticket from Seattle to New Hampshire.

You can buy tickets online from STA but if you want to be sure everything is awesome consider calling (212-473-6100). If anyone knows of cheaper tickets let me know, because I think this is probably the best deal going.