Sequel to That Silly "Fixing the Fence" Chain Letter

Three contractors are bidding to fix a fence at the White House. One is from a city place and therefore must be evil. The other two are honest Americans, from honest American places.
The first honest one says, “I don’t want the money, give it to people who are already wealthy because they know so much about money and probably care about me for some reason that only I can imagine.” (a few months later he goes out of business and loses his house)
The second honest American says, “I’ll charge you for it, but I won’t spend the money” (a few months later he starves to death)
The evil city guy says, “I’ll charge you for fixing this fence. Some of that money will go to pay my crew, some will go to me. We’ll spend some of the money we get. A few of my guys are lazy though and don’t deserve the pay as much as the others (and to be honest one guy just sleeps all day, but he’s my cousin’s kid so I can’t fire him). I don’t like it, but there is no such thing as a perfect solution so I’ll just deal with it because I know that the other two guys have really bad ideas that have failed historically.”
Rush Limbaugh appears out of nowhere and eats the city guy.
And that my friends is how some people would rather have it.