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Anyone Know How Orbitz Decides on Airplane Ticket Prices

I just bought a plane ticket from Boston to Atlanta from Orbitz. During my searching I noticed one very strange thing— the prices were different in different browsers. Using Safari (browser on left in image below) I wasn’t given the same price for what appears to be the same ticket found in Firefox (browser on right in image below). Not only were the prices different, but I wasn’t even given the same options of airlines and configurations.


Firefox Protects Us From Ourselves

The other day I got one of the most poorly created phishing emails I’d seen in a while. I decided to have some fun and click on the link* to see if their fake site was as terrible as their fake email. Turns out it wasn’t, but I didn’t get to see much of it because the very second that the page loaded Firefox put a protective mesh around the website and warned me that the site I was on had been reported as a Phishing site! (they call it “Suspected Web Forgery“)

phishing site warning in firefox

I know this has been around for a bit now, but I’ve never tested it out. Wow, thank you Firefox! Though I wonder how many of the people using Firefox actually fall for phishing. My guess is the Internet Explorer users are the prime targets, since they tend to be a bit less web savy. Now if only IE7 could do that without Microsoft screwing it up. Though I am glad to see that they at least have something to protect people from digital con-men and con-women.

*note: not a good idea, especially if you are on a Windows PC. I’m not. Long live the Mac