I Tried Folks, I Tried

I said in an earlier post that 14th Avenue had some great view especially at dusk. I also said I would try to get some photos. Well, I’m no liar, I tried, but I failed. Sort of.

I headed off kind of late and caught the tail end of dusk. At 14th and John I saw what I was looking for BUT that is a very busy intersection. Seeing as my camera isn’t so great and because dusk is no place for anything but a decent camera I wasn’t able to get the shot I wanted. What I had to do was wait until there was a gap in traffic and then run out to the middle of the road and wait for the camera to take the gosh-darn picture. The breakdown of my game of chicken:

  • see traffic gap (10 seconds to get out alive)
  • run to middle of road (8.5 seconds)
  • look into camera, frame shot, push shutter release (7 seconds)
  • wait for camera to focus (4 seconds)
  • wait for camera to open shutter (3.5 seconds)
  • wait for camera (with not to great iso to shutter speed choices) to finishing taking the picture (0.5 seconds)

nutsIf this is hyperbole then it is only the smallest exaggeration. It is why this photo is best of three attempts. The truth is, with this camera, even if the traffic wasn’t as bad, I doubt I could hold the camera still enough for the ridiculously long exposure. I need either a tripod (unlikely to work in the middle of an intersection) or the ability to stand motionless with no support for about three seconds (I’ll start working out).  Sorry, it really is beautiful, I will look around 14th some more and see if I can find a place that this will work… it really would be worth it.