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Green, but Certainly Not Blue

I’ve been amazed at how beautiful it is here in Seattle, the colors in the sky, the greenery, the mountains, the water.  Well, it turns out the water isn’t so great.  You might have guessed that when I posted the sign that warns of sewage in the water during rain that maybe the water isn’t so great.  Well, that would be a pretty good guess. It turns out they are having a lot of trouble with water pollution in this supposedly eco-friendly area.  Yes, trees are nice, but trees are one part of the environment and I think it is easy to forget the water so long as the surface looks ok-ish.  Recently I’ve been reading reports that talk about things like sewage ruining clam beds, weird white mat covered dead zones, fish killing oxygenless water, and oil spills.  In short, I think that this area is nearing a crisis point where folks won’t be able to ignore what they can’t see.

Seattle is a nice place, don’t get me wrong, and yes this is a problem being echoed around the world, but that just means that it’s time to take drastic measures to clean & protect this large and delicate resource we’ve been enjoying for so long now.