They are all Tried as an Adult

So some thirteen-year old butt-head in Illinois robbed a bank at gun point. Insane, I know. They found him pretty easily because the red dye exploded on him making him a bit conspicuous.
More insane though is that the lawyers are thinking of trying him as an adult.
What the hell is there is juvenile system for if every other kid gets treated like an adult?
More importantly we need to ask if a mistake made at thirteen should mean potentially spending more than a third of your life in jail. And are we trying to rehabilitate this kid or are we trying to punish him? The criminal system in America is so out of sorts.
Currently the US tops the world for people in jail [1][2]. We seem to be spending lots of money to lock up bad people. The bigger problem is we also lock up a very significant number not-so-bad people along with them and those people rarely come out a better person for it.
I know this has all been said before but I think it is time to think again about prison perpetuating criminal behavior.


Why Do Gun Control Arguments Boil Down to Silly Analogies

I read a quote on Casey Bisson’s blog of a quote from Andy Skelton’s blog. It went like this: “Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.”

A more proper analog would be that gun control is like trying to make it harder for drunk people to drive cars. Or even better, gun control is like trying to make sure people can drive safely before giving them a driver’s license. Of course that doesn’t sound so crazy so it is a lot harder to make gun control seem like a bad thing.

Personally, I think that gun ownership is stupid. Guns don’t stop crime and all it takes is looking at other countries with strict gun laws to see what the result is. It isn’t defenseless families killed by maniacs, but a safer country to live in with less violent crime. If people insist on owning guns then that is their choice, but as a country everyone in the US should take a stand and say certain people should never be allowed to buy guns: over the internet, if they have any history (ever) of mental sickness, or if they have ever been arrested. These three rules alone would likely decrease violent crime. What I find most interesting about the analogy is that it hits on something I believe people should consider, and that is that gun ownership should be a privilege just like a driver’s license is.

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Stupid Criminal (When Life Imitates The Onion)

It is no secret that they world is full of dummies, but come on! This guy robbed a liquor store wearing duct-tape on his face. As he was making his getting away with the “loot” (two rolls of coins) he was chased down and caught by the liquor store people who tackled and held him until police came. But that isn’t the best part… this fella claims that they’ve arrested the wrong guy! Obviously an easy claim to backup as the city if full of people with two rolls of coin in their hands and duct tape covering their faces.

The question is, what will The Onion do if real news continues to imitate fake news?