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How the iPhone Saved us on a Mountain in the Winter

My friends and I went Hiking a few days ago. Hiking in very late November, in the White Mountains, overnight can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Luckily Casey, Will, and myself all know how to prepare and what to do in common winter hiking situations. The problem was that neither Casey, nor Will, nor I knew what to do with a dislocated shoulder, so when Will too a misstep and ended up dislocating his (in order to save himself from what could have been a much worse injury) we were a little worried.

See, we were on top of the mountain, it was getting dark and the temperature was dropping fast. It was about 15 degrees Fahrenheit at the moment and Will, unable to move much because of the pain and probably entering shock, needed some first aid and to get warm. Because of the dark, the ice, and Will’s inability to move his left arm we couldn’t head back down until morning, but leaving Will in agony over night when the temperature dropped to just below 5 degrees wasn’t an option either. Casey does a good job telling what happened, so if you’re still interested head over to his blog to see how three guys used an iPhone to get out of what could have been a very dangerous situation.

Spoiler: we all lived and the iPhone rocks.