McCain is Looking Out for the Little Guy

Are you a minor millionaire? Worried about your future? Don’t worry! McCain is looking out for all those folks making a quarter of a million dollars every year ($250,000), unlike Obama who’d like to tax them a bit more. Of course to do this McCain also needed to reverse his previous outspoken opinions.

Obama would rather give the middle class a break, cutting taxes and creating government programs. While McCain would rather give trickle down economics one more try and give tax breaks to corporations. Because trickle down has always worked so well. Just look at us now! It’s time to recognize that trickle down only trickles down in a rich persons portfolio and not into the middle and lower class pockets. Rich people are still getting richer in America while the middle class has been shrinking and the lower class has been growing. The gap between the upper and middle class has been getting wider and wider [1] [2].

I say it is time to try trickle up economics. The middle and lower class needs money to spend money. We’re the ones that buy the things that keep the economy moving. You can give a business a tax cut, but unless they sell something, that extra money is worthless. One thing is for sure, the businesses certainly aren’t going to use that McCain tax cut to lower prices, hire new staff, or give folks a raise during a McCain sponsored recession.