Some Chess 2.0 (Final Release)

The final release of Some Chess 2.0 is out now. It is, as far as I know, completely bug free.

Now it is time to gear up for version 2.5. Mostly that means adding translations, that’s going to be the focus. But there will also be a limited number of new features.

The big news is that the forum on sourceforge will be shut down soon and support will be moved to the Some Chess website.

Also, there will be a wiki with the aim of making translation work easier for everyone. The wiki will probably also have a documentation focus, but the big thing is getting the translation done in as many languages as possible.

Thanks to everyone who’s help in so many ways to make Some Chess possible!

    Changes in Some Chess 2.0

  • fixed “problemo” bug
  • fixed what I think is the final checkmate bug!
  • other minor code improvements

Some Chess 2.0 release candidate 3

My fingers are crossed… it looks like this might be the last (or near the last) version of Some Chess before it is a full release. I’ve been working on Some Chess for almost a year now, and while I can see places to improve I have to say that I am pleased with the progress from the first version to what will be version 2.0

A big thanks to the folks that have helped Some Chess along the way.
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    Changes for this version

  • fixed broken player stats
  • fixed issue where a person could make a move in another person’s game
  • fixed bug where very long usernames would mess up table on “view players” page
  • fixed “view game” bug where capturing/promoted pawns broke functionality
  • fixed scrambled board display in “view game” for IE
  • fixed bug where checkmate was sometimes incorrectly identified
  • optimized some code
  • added “snazzy borders” to some dialogs

Some Chess 2.0 release candidate 2

Out today, Some Chess 2.0 rc2. This brings Some Chess one step closer to a final version.

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    Changes for this version

  • users created by importing pgn no longer appear on the players page
  • fixed problems with example_config.php file (Sorry!)
  • fixed a bug that broke the move notification email
  • fixed what I hope is the last checkmate bug
  • fixed broken chess board display in Internet Explorer (Sorry again!)
  • fixed bug that broke the Currently Online function
  • fixed urls on the help page (thanks David!)
  • fixed issue where auto-install/update failure message resulted in blank screen for some browsers
  • fixed issue where notation would fail to add the check “+” notation to pawns that capture and promote at the same times as putting a player in check (yeah, kind of rare)
  • added alt attribute to user image img element so menu is valid xhtml again
  • added “review” button to board screen (move-by-move replay)
  • added “random” as choice for piece color
  • added a bit to the French locallization (help!)
  • about page & players page are now valid xhtml
  • “deleted” players just removed from the list of players, they are no longer deleted from the DB