Where Cuteness and Developemental Psychology Meet

I came across this amazingly cute video on YouTube

While an initial reaction to the cuteness is enough to make anyone go insane there is something interesting about how the child and cat both fall for, and enjoy, the same game. It’s been a while since I took developmental psychology, but I don’t think anyone ever mentioned to me that there is a point in life where we are on par with cats in terms of our comprehension of the world. I don’t find it surprising that this is the case, but it makes me wonder where other similarities might be and in what ways we humans first start to pull ahead.

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How About Some Random Fun

There is no reason in the world for You’re the Man Now Dog! to exist, and yet I am glad it does. It is completely stupid, pointless, and random— and that combination makes it kind of funny. The name comes from a goofy Sean Connery line in the movie Finding Forrester. The website’s premise seems to be user contributed looping images with sound. All of the YTMND’s I’ve seen are made from appropriated materials collaged together. Below is a good example of what you’ll find on the site.

EDIT: it probably gets annoying to have that repeat again and again, so I’ve decided not to embed it but you can still go to the site directly.  There is something about some anime dialog put to well chosen photos of cats that is just too stupid to not be funny— and the annoyingness of the repetition only adds to it (at first).
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