A Little Something Extra

There isn’t much that can make me crave TV lately, but one show that does is Extras. The sad thing is that you need HBO to get it in America, but it looks like you can watch episodes on the BBC2 website (you’ll need real player, which I don’t have/want so I can’t vouch for what is actually there).

Ricky Gervais - ExtrasExtras is another one of Ricky Gervais‘s projects and let me tell you, it is funny in that beautifully painful way that it seems only Gervais can really make work. I won’t go into the details since wikipedia and imdb do a better job than I could. But I will say that it is funny at at times just over the top but stays grounded with moments of struggle and frustration known to everyone. And though most people probably can’t relate to showbiz the situations are very relatable. This is the man that created The Office which has also had great success as a US Sitcom.

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Non-Profit Funding (notes)

Some notes towards something more later:

greenYesterday I was approached by Greenpeace for the second time in three days while walking home. They were doing some fund raising. It was a typical deal, where a young man with a clipboard asks you an easy question like “do you care about the environment?” Of course I care about the environment. The problem is what this question leads to, will you give us money? Asking for money isn’t the problem though, it’s how they are asking for the money that is. Non-profits have started to use a new system where they automatically deduct “as little” as ten dollars straight from your bank account. What’s more, you won’t be given an other option. Either give a minimum of $120 a year or don’t at all. You’ll have to go to the website for that, but only after getting the hard sell on the street.

The explanation is that it lowers their overhead, which is undoubtedly true. The problem is that I don’t have a lot of money. I like to give to charity, but my little means makes it so that I can only give a little and what little I can give I like to break up among important issues. Yes, I like the environment, I also like the ACLU, and saving children, and ending Hunger and Homelessness in America, and so on. But I can not give every group $120 ever year, not without risking becoming a charity case myself anyway.

The Greenpeace hard sell was extra insulting because the fella implied that I should have given to him instead of buy my new shoes which I needed to keep my feet dry after four days of straight rain, which I explained to him. He then told me how I could say the environment for the price of X number of lattes, which I don’t drink (partially) because of the cost. I then explained that I just moved here and just got a job and that I have a bunch of bills and also need to get money together for a deposit so I can get an apartment. The solution? He’s signed up a bunch of broke college students so I should too. I won’t go into why that was a dumb thing to say, but it led me to this thought— non-profit funding is in crisis. If they all are depending on broke college students and people like me to support important issues there isn’t much hope. And this funding isn’t just money, but time and energy. I didn’t like the guy hard selling me, but I respect his commitment and I realize what good work these people are trying to do. I think from here it would be easy to get back into class, but I’ll hold off, I need to get ready for work anyway.
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Let Me Introduce You to My Little Friend

For about a week both Monica & Travis were out of town. In the northeast actually. It was funny to me that they were in places like Northampton and NY while I was in Seattle. But I guess that isn’t really very funny when it comes down to it.

Since they were both gone a duty fell upon me, that duty was to make sure Boo the cat didn’t befall a terrible fate— like accidentally watching Doom the movie (which is worse than having a porcupine make its burrow in your lower intestine). Anyway, let me tell you a little about Boo.

The first thing I ever noticed about Boo was his serious lack of a tail, he’s not that way because of some freak accident but because of genetics, or god, depending on your outlook. The three things to know about Boo are this:

  • he needs attention like no other cat I have seen
  • he will cough up a hairball, and it will not be cute like it is in cartoons
  • he will put his face within an inch of yours and wake you up before the sun is even thinking about rising
  • he will lick his belly until it’s only got peach fuzz

That’s four, I lied about there only being three. Sorry.
Seriously, though Boo is a cute little cat and even though he made me insane once or twice he is very nice.


Go ahead, tell me this isn’t a pretty cat, I dare you. (preemptive: LIAR!)


He actually sleeps like this, with his little paw covering his face. Come on!

And look, you can see his peach fuzzy belly.

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