A Little Something Extra

There isn’t much that can make me crave TV lately, but one show that does is Extras. The sad thing is that you need HBO to get it in America, but it looks like you can watch episodes on the BBC2 website (you’ll need real player, which I don’t have/want so I can’t vouch for what is actually there).

Ricky Gervais - ExtrasExtras is another one of Ricky Gervais‘s projects and let me tell you, it is funny in that beautifully painful way that it seems only Gervais can really make work. I won’t go into the details since wikipedia and imdb do a better job than I could. But I will say that it is funny at at times just over the top but stays grounded with moments of struggle and frustration known to everyone. And though most people probably can’t relate to showbiz the situations are very relatable. This is the man that created The Office which has also had great success as a US Sitcom.

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