MacBook Pro Battery is Not Charging

mac battery not charging My MacBook Pro has had it’s fair share of power issues. First was the charger melting, then the battery went from fairly healthy to only holding a five minute charge. Those two problems solved I’ve been given a new one to tackle.

My MacBook Pro flat out refused to charge the battery. The message was straightforward and honest. “Battery is not charging.” I noticed it a while back, but the issue always seemed to work itself out eventually given enough time. Then it started to get progressively worse, until it finally refused charge at all.

If your MacBook or MacBook Pro won’t charge the battery it may be the charger. The only sign I had that the charger was the culprit was the that the little LED light stop turning on. It powered the computer just fine, but for some reason it gave the battery the cold shoulder.

The problem was solved with a call to Apple. They mailed a replacement charger and all’s well in the world again. So it seems that the whole magsafe thing has been nothing but trouble for me. The moral: while Apple does make good computers their chargers seem to be a constant source of grief for me.