Where I am

15th ave google mapRight now I am living in Seattle, at 1421 E. 15th Ave, which is in the Capital Hill area. I am sleeping on a nice bed which Travis and Monica bought from Ikea. The bed is in the dinning room in an apartment that faces west towards the water, though I can’t see any water from here. I’ve been told you can see the Space Needle, but only once the trees shake off their fancy green leaves.

If I was gay I’d probably be an alcoholic because there are two gay bars within dancing distance. One is called The Men’s Room (I guess it’s actually C.C. Attle’s but there’s a big sign that says the Men’s Room, which I think is better for a lot of reasons), the other is called Thumpers… which made me start to wonder, does a place like The Men’s Room start off with the idea of being a gay bar, or a gentleman’s club? How does a bar owner go about encouraging clientele? The name is a start, but I guess a better answer is to have “leather uniform night.”

But I digress.


bedThe apartment. It is very nice, the proximity to downtown with three groceries stores all within easy walking distance, and parks, museums, galleries, (etc) seems nice. My host, Monica is also very nice, and my other host Boo is also nice (even if he sits on the newspaper whenever I am reading it). The verdict? I am lucky. Oh, and I am stealing a neighbor’s wireless internet, which is also lucky and nice for me.

I’d say more about where I am staying, but it seems like this has gotten long already so I’ll leave it at that for now.