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Running on Ice

Actually I wasn’t running on ice, but I just remembered that Billy Joel song. Ah my childhood music idols…

I did go running today though. My Dad was nice enough to UPS my shoes and since I got them today off I went. First let me just add that UPS, for those unfamiliar with the acronym, stands for Ultimate Package Suckyness. So, if you ever are looking to have an unreasonably bad experience sending or receiving a package, please select their “service.”

But the run.

I haven’t been running in a long time. During and after the run I felt terrible, but it was the good terrible and not the bad terrible, so that’s great. I ran to, but not through, Volunteer Park. I was too tired and in agony. I also had an upset stomach for which I blame the cheese I ate. My observations while running as follows:

  • I am out of shape
  • I shouldn’t eat cheese before running
  • There only concrete sidewalks, that is bad, especially considering how injury prone I am.
  • 14th Avenue during sunset has some mind blowing views
  • groin injury, which has kept me from running for a year now has finally healed.
  • I need to get running sox
  • Seriously, no more cheeese

So, I need to get back into shape, and not injury myself in the process. Seems like a tall order to me, but what the heck it’s worth a shot. What’s more important though is that I know where to get some great photos, and will do so soon, though probably not tomorrow as I have plans.

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