A Place to Live

I now have my very own place to live in Seattle. They would never say it, but I am sure Travis & Monica are relieved to be relieved of their hosting duties. My new place is on 15th Ave and E Union Street. The building is from the early 1900’s but is in very good shape. The cons are a weird heating system, 1950’s frig, and one of those damn tiny stoves. But the apartment has more nice things than un-nice things. The kitchen is newish and has two cabinets with leaded glass doors as well as a place for a kitchen table; there is a huge closet, full bath, and a build in dresser. The windows are new and most of the utilities are included— I’m satisfied.

Now I need to occupy this little space with things. After spending an entire paycheck at IKEA I still need to at least get a sofa, but I think I have the under control. The plan is to find a used one. I’m clearly a genius.


Mission Implausible

Scene: Growing city with lots of money and land that has not been fully (over) developed. Couples with money and no kids. Every couple of blocks a condo is being built. Apartment buildings are even being converted to condos. These condos range in price, but even a studio costs no less than $200 thousand.

Outcome: it is hard to find a decent reasonably priced apartment.

Explanation: The number of apartments keeps decreasing, but the cost of owning has increased so fewer people can afford to own. More people need to rent in a smaller pool of apartments.

The Ugly: renting a studio that is okay and within 3 miles of downtown will cost a person between $700-$800. In all likelihood this rent will not include water, sewer, gas, electric, trash, parking, or anything else that isn’t the physical apartment. Upfront you will pay the first month’s rent, a deposit (which may or may not be refundable), a credit check fee, and possibly even a fee to have the apartment cleaned before you move in. Any apartment that is decent is off the market within 24 hours, often less.
Boy what fun!

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