Picasaed is a WordPress widget for Google’s Picasa Web that works pretty much the same as the Flickr Widget. It is all sorts of XHTML friendly, if that’s what gets your motor running. It doesn’t do anything fancy, it just displays X number of photos from a specific album’s RSS feed. I might add one bell or one whistle in the future, but right now I’m interested in making what’s there a bit better and not much else.

The important thing to know is that there are no styles attached to the output, that’s up to you. You can use #picasaed for the main widget and .picasaed_image for the specific images in your CSS stylesheet.

I can offer you this as a basic CSS suggestion, though you might not even need it. You could add this to your style.css file:

#picasaed ul li {text-align:center}
.picasaed_image {width:90%}

Latest Version: 0.4

Download Picasaeddonate

  • Instructions

  • Installation:

    1. Put the picased.php file in the plugins folder of your WordPress installation.
    2. Activate the plugin.
    3. Put the widget into your sidebar.

  • Using— to make it work you need to do two things:

    1. Put the url of the rss feed for one of your Picasa albums in the proper field
    2. Put the number of pictures from the album you’d like to display in your sidebar
    3. If you want the photos to link to images and/or to display random images use the appropriate check boxes
  • Version History

  • Version 0.4

    • Picasaed now uses the thumbnail image (faster loading!)
    • photo titles are used when present
    • photos now link to album
    • optimized code
  • Version 0.3

    • added random photo option (picks random from rss feed)
    • optimized code

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  3. Hi, neat little plugin – it works well on my page, but I would like to arrange thumbnails in a group, maybe 4across x 4down – is there any way of doing this. At the moment, they display as a list, with one photo under another.

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