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Thoughts on "Stopping Piracy"

There is no way to stop people from stealing. Humans have been stealing since well before computers came around, and they’ll never stop (at least not in our lifetimes). It’s better to let go of the idea of stopping it and figure out ways to work around it.

Theft is an unstoppable force. If you see a car speeding towards you and you want to live, you don’t think of how to stop the car, you just get the hell out of the way.

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Touch KO Another Example of Sloppy Programming

Back in 2004 my brother brought home Fight Night. It quickly became a game where me and my brothers put our egos on the line (and consequently made angry accusations of cheap fight styles and cheating). To put it simply, it was fun.

When I saw that a new boxing game with decent graphics had hit the app store I was interested. I bought it and, for a few moments, I thought Touch KO would be fun. But that thought was quickly disrupted.

First the game was too easy. I’ll admit it gets (a little tiny bit) more difficult as the game wears on, but that also becomes a weakness. Why? Well, read on.

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Brad Pitt Japanese Cell Phone Ad

Brad Pitt has been doing a whole bunch of Softbank ads here in Japan. Softbank is a cellphone company. To be more precise they are the cellphone company that refused to give me a 2 year contract and (nearly) free iPhone just because I wasn’t going to be in Japan for two more years! How dare they see through my evil scheme!!

The question I have is which is cuter for the ladies. Brad Pitt:

Or the Softbank dog (soon to release his own DVD):