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What are You Doing Nov. 21st 2196?

penske error messageI need a van to move a couch, there is a place to rent a Penske truck just down the street so I thought I’d try there. Turns out you need to plan these things in advance… though not nearly as much as the website would have you believe. A little math tells me that this error message is asking for me to schedule my pickup just a bit more than 190 years in advance. I’d better start taking more vitamins.

edit: in the crap-fest that was the blog breaking I lost the original image, shown here is one I found posted elsewhere (I don’t use PC’s)


One of the Better Comics Around

bizarro homeland securityI’ve been a fan of Dan Piraro‘s comic Bizarro for while now. If you haven’t been lucky enough to see his comic in your local newspaper you should go to his website or buy one of his books. This comic seems appropriate with Thanksgiving travel looming nearer everyday. Luckily, and unluckily, I won’t have to worry about that myself this year. Good luck at the airports everyone!

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