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Cheney's Concept of America

I found this screen capture from The Onion recently and it gave me a soft sad laugh. The caption reads “Cheney vows to attack US if Kerry elected.” It’s funny to me because it kind of strikes me as half true, it’s a dark joke about how folks like Cheney seem to see a lot of the American public as adversaries instead of a group of people who’s voices need to be heard.

“Lucky” for us Kerry was never that great of a candidate so we didn’t need had to see how far Cheney was willing to go to win.

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Stupid Criminal (When Life Imitates The Onion)

It is no secret that they world is full of dummies, but come on! This guy robbed a liquor store wearing duct-tape on his face. As he was making his getting away with the “loot” (two rolls of coins) he was chased down and caught by the liquor store people who tackled and held him until police came. But that isn’t the best part… this fella claims that they’ve arrested the wrong guy! Obviously an easy claim to backup as the city if full of people with two rolls of coin in their hands and duct tape covering their faces.

The question is, what will The Onion do if real news continues to imitate fake news?


D.I.Y. Glass Necklace

I was looking through xkcd a few weeks ago and saw a cartoon about making a glass necklace, since then I’ve thought about it everytime there is thunderstorm (there was one today). Apparently I am not the only one.

If you aren’t familiar with xkcd take a look, there is something nice about the stick figures that make this comic. The humor isn’t always 100% on target, but it usually is— though I should warn folks that it is fairly geeky. One of my favorite xkcd’s for example, is nonsense to non-geeks. To be fair, it is made by a former NASA Roboticist.

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Arguements for or Against YouTube (a new hamster dance)

I was recently involved in a discussion about how useful YouTube is. I was on the pro YouTube side. I don’t think it is the end-all for the internet, but I do think it is possible for it to provide a useful service. However, I can not agree with the idea that YouTube creates a new place for people to have a voice and create democracy. That might happen a little bit, but that is just by virtue of YouTube being part of the internet.

That said, I’m not sure if this video is an argument for or against YouTube. I guess part of freedom is the freedom to decide whether or not you like something, or in my case to be unsure if you find something to be stupidly funny or just stupid.

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Beta iPhone Rejected

image of old iPhone

The first iPhone design was a little primitive. When given the beta iPhone, early test groups responded that they wanted “less wires, no pen, and something significantly smaller and mobile.” Apple’s designers threw just about everything out and started again from scratch. It took a little over twenty years, but late in 2006 Apple was ready to show off their new and improved design.

Well, you can have your fancy futuristic mobile phone folks— give me something I can pug into a wall and sit at a desk with.

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Ten Things I Hate About Comandments

Fair use makes great derivative works like this legal. Of course Viacom still had it taken down, even though they legally don’t own it. But now it is back, take a look.

This is just one of the many reasons fair use needs to be protected. The DVD-CCA (the folks is charge of DVD licensing) are trying to make it illegal to copy a DVD in anyway, in fact they don’t even want people to playing a DVD movie without the DVD in the drive. So for example, if you wanted to save battery life on your laptop during travel by watching a movie from its hard drive you’d be doing something illegal. The worse thing is that the DMCA will probably make it work— hope you’re all ready to say goodbye to your rights.

People should write to their representatives and let them know that we all think the DMCA needs to change. The content creator’s rights are important, but the rights of the people purchasing that content is important too. The problems with the DMCA go way beyond DVD protection— fair use and innovation freedom in general are being strangled.