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Touch KO Another Example of Sloppy Programming

Back in 2004 my brother brought home Fight Night. It quickly became a game where me and my brothers put our egos on the line (and consequently made angry accusations of cheap fight styles and cheating). To put it simply, it was fun.

When I saw that a new boxing game with decent graphics had hit the app store I was interested. I bought it and, for a few moments, I thought Touch KO would be fun. But that thought was quickly disrupted.

First the game was too easy. I’ll admit it gets (a little tiny bit) more difficult as the game wears on, but that also becomes a weakness. Why? Well, read on.

Sure, it feels good to win. Scoring the first knock down in the first thirty seconds every time gets old fast. Winning in the first round every times gets even older. Sure I may be 25-0-0 but that represents less than fifty minutes of play.

There isn’t much depth either. In fight night you could play with your own style. You could attack someone in an all out brawl, you could use a peek-a-boo style, you could push forward or walk back, dance away from punches like a crazy person, be brutal on the body or try knocking someone’s head off. You can do nearly none of this in Touch KO.

Movement is controlled by AI. You can block, throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. Supposedly you can dodge, but I found the response time far too slow to actually work. In fact most of the controls feel a bit sluggish.

The worst of it all though is that if you do get knocked down you’ll see this:

Yes, that’s a black screen with a stopped timer and health bars. You’ll get nothing else.

The graphics are pretty decent, and the mechanics (despite being a bit slow to react) are easy to use. If the developers continue to improve this it might be worth $2.99. It definitely isn’t worth more than that right now.


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