My Very Own B-Grow Review

It’s full name is the B-GROW 20インチ折畳み自転車 リアサスペンション シマノ6段変速付 ヘブンズ BF-S620 アイボリー BF-S620-IV, but you just just call it the B-Grow.

Is it a animal? A voracious fast growing plant? A robot hell-bent on tamping out the last traces of humanity from the universe? Maybe it is all little bit of them all. On thing is for sure, the cheap folding bicycle I bought from Amazon is my compatriot and a dark, brooding, squeaking nemesis.

b-growYou can’t get this bike in the US. It is my special privilege, being in Japan, to be able to purchase this machine from the Amazon.jp website.

Like all folding bicycles this one suffers from a size issue. Riding it I feel like I’m on a very lame hog. It keeps me low to the ground which actually means I can maneuver more easily, but it also means I can’t extend my legs fully. I am not a tall man, but my average height is just too much for this bike. It is a lot like a man trying ride a big-wheels one last time (see video below).

Aside from that the I have one small complaint and one large complaint. The seat is like sitting on concrete, except the concrete vibrates and occasionally smashes your ass. Not fun. The bigger problem was that mine came with a crank arm (the thing that connects the foot pedal to the bicycle) that was bent just slightly enough to rub against the frame of the bicycle. A hammer and a few mighty blows took care this annoyance, but a guy shouldn’t have to beat his brand new bicycle like he’s a some sort of mob boss teaching a guy not bet on horses if he can’t pay up on time.

At ¥14,000 it will get me around town, but that’s about it. Good enough, but I wouldn’t recommend this bicycle to anyone.