Vote McCain for President of Laughs

A recent article on CNN talks about the McCain campaign’s use of “humor” in its attacks on Obama.

Lighten up, responded Republicans. There is an “important role for humor in all campaigns,” said senior McCain adviser Nicolle Wallace. “I think all of us would slit our wrists if it wasn’t for that.”

Clearly Nicole Wallace doesn’t understand that politics is serious. It’s okay to tell a joke, to have fun, but the business of running the country isn’t a joke. It is terrifying that a senior official in McCain’s campaign thinks that what they are doing is just “humor.” It isn’t jokes, they are mean spirited attacks thinly veneered in a “joke.” Come election time Americans are not voting for the person who made them laugh, we’re voting for the person who can take the job seriously and run this country in a way that will make us proud of the US. I want the US to get the national pride and respect that Mr. Bush destroyed back. At this point, though I never would have thought it possible a year ago, McCain seems completely incapable of this important task.