Rick Davis is a Dick

Anyone who turns away from intelligent debate in favor of mudslinging not worth the dirt they are standing on. So that makes Rick Davis utterly worthless. Davis is the head of McCain’s campaign and rather than engage in a sincere and thoughtful discussion of the two candidate’s positions and explain why his candidate is the best he’s decided that an ad that comparing Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton is better. It is outrageous to compare two messed up blonde fads with an honest political candidate.

Obama has clearly demonstrated an intelligence and seriousness that demands at least an ounce of respect. Davis clearly wants to deny him that. More disturbing is the cocky, “so-what” attitude Davis displayed in responding to CNN’s questions about whether the ad’s are negative (which they clearly are). Asked Davis says, “Will people think of this as negative advertising? Look, it’s the most entertaining thing I’ve seen on TV in a while. I wouldn’t anticipate anything about this being negative.”

Apparently Davis thinks very little of American’s ability to discern what is real and important. That he makes a point to mention entertainment value is completely disheartening. Politics aren’t supposed to be treated as “entertaining,” they are supposed to be treated as serious business that effects our lives— because that what it is! I’m no fan of McCain’s recent tactics (which is sad since I used to respect him), but this goes beyond everything else. It is an insult not only to Obama but to the intelligence of Americans in general.


4 thoughts on “Rick Davis is a Dick

  1. I think you’re missing a key point here: politicians are only able to fulfill their purpose if they are elected to office. You advocate the exclusive use of rational debate and statistically-based arguments here, which is an excellent sounding idea. However, you fail to acknowledge the fact that the last candidate to use this method, Ross Perot, failed to effect ANY change whatsoever because he failed to win. John McCain could very well run a smear-free, calm cool n’ collected campaign, but it would not do him, or those who voted for him, any good.

    The name of the game is winning the election first, THEN running the country. I’m confident McCain would happily run ads rationally explaining his personal plan for running the country if he had a 20% margin over Obama, but it’s neck and neck (in reality, Obama is in the lead) and he needs every point he can get if he wants to ACTUALLY change the country, instead of just talk about changing the country.

  2. I really don’t feel like you addressed my point at all, but I imagine YOU feel you did, so I’ll leave that be.

    I believe that Obama is willing to entertain a debate of the key issues as well. In fact, we as a country have an established tradition to that effect: they’re called the presidential debates. I am confident that, during the presidential debates, Obama and McCain will both debate key issues statistically and intelligently.

    However, campaign ads are not designed to be a long distance, time-delayed forum. They are designed to get votes. McCains ads are (finally) serving this purpose.

    Perhaps I am hopelessly Machiavellian, but it seems to me that, for a man of McCain’s age, running an effective campaign is the only option. This is his only shot, and while the Paris and Britney ad was inexpert, the false messiah ad was controversial, damning, and tapped into a strong thread of popular feeling concerning Mr. Obama.

    I guess what I’m saying is: don’t hate the player, hate the game. It does John McCain no good to have your respect instead of the presidency. You’re fooling yourself if you think Obama is above it, too.

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