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iPod Touch, Ten Million Apple Geeks Collectively Groan

After years of a rumored touchscreen iPod Apple finally unveiled the iPod Touch. Trouble is $400 dollars only gets you a tiny 16gb hard drive. Pay $300 and you’ll get a microscopic 8gb hard drive. The nerds are not happy.

The macrumors forums say it all

only 8gb and 16gb??? come on. I need more than that!!!

16gb?? Not big enough for me….I’ll be going with the 160gb ipod classic

For the first time in my Apple life I am actually angry with an announcement….

Not even going to consider this one until it gets at least 60GB of storage.

You have to wonder what Apple was thinking. Surely there must have been some sort of focus group that would’ve told them people didn’t want something that small. If the technology isn’t there or is the hardware cost is prohibitive a person could understand the rationale, however the thing isn’t going to sell very well considering it’s not any better than an iPhone and comes without cellular service. And some silly wifi music store isn’t gonna be pushing sales, so stop beating that drum Steve.


2 thoughts on “iPod Touch, Ten Million Apple Geeks Collectively Groan

  1. joe says:

    If you recall Steve Jobs talking about video/movies back in the day, he said (if I recall right) that people don’t listen to music the same way the watch movies. And I also see the Touch as mostly a PDA/Movie device rather than a pure play music device. (Or else they would have spiked the Classic, eh?)

    How that relates, imho, to the size of the Touch drives is
    1) You’re not going to watch the same moview over and over again (except Spinal Tap!). Unlike music, you’ll probably not keep hundreds of movies on the Touch.
    2) Even if you have them, how practical is is to carry them around, when the most you have time to watch is one or two (?!) if you’re on a plane or trapped some place.


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