To be Honest Mike's Robot Sucked

I used to have a site called numbskull, it was just a bunch of drawings with a tiny bit of text. I was going through things a found them, the site may be gone, but I still have a soft-spot for this one, though I wish I had used the word “honest” instead of “frank.”

stupid robot


One thought on “To be Honest Mike's Robot Sucked

  1. maly says:

    arrrrrrrrr . ..the site isn’t up anymore? You jerk. I want more. Will you email me more of your drawings? I giggled upon first seeing this and then my brain kind of hiccuped in a deja-vu kind of way. It struggled mightily for an hour before google finally spit out the name I was trying to conjure: David Hockney. I haven’t thought about Hockney’s drawings in about two years (man, my brain is a rusty relic. It hasn’t had much stimulation lately) but they really brought me pleasure.

    Anyway, send me MORE please .. . .

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