Picasaed, the WordPress Picasa Widget has Been Updated

Picasaed has been updated to version 0.3

picasa web iconPicasaed works pretty much the same as the Flickr Widget, but doesn’t use tables, because no one likes tables. It is all sorts of XHTML friendly, if that’s what gets your motor running. It doesn’t do anything fancy, it just displays X number of photos from a specific album. If it doesn’t tell me and I might try to fix it. But no promises since I’ve wasted too much time on this thing already.

The changes aren’t drastic, but I like them. Picasaed now includes a random image function. The images also link directly to the image in on Picasa Web now.

It still needs a proper alt tag in the <img>, but it’s got something there for now so it will validate as XHTML.

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