An Addicting Little Game (free!)

I think I am late in finding this game, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it is ultra simple and fun. It’s called Squares 2 and all you do is move your square around collecting the other black squares while avoiding the red ones. It was made by Gavin Shapiro, but I couldn’t find an official website anywhere (though it isn’t hard to find a copy of this game on dozens of websites). If anyone has an idea where to look let me know.

hint: if you want to play it in a big ol’ window go directly to the file.
hint2: you can right click and download the file using the above link to play it off line (just open the file in your browser)

Also, if you hate the music just lose quickly. After you lose you have the option to turn off the music.

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3 thoughts on “An Addicting Little Game (free!)

  1. Olaf N. Myazov says:

    I can’t seem to break either 60 squares or 6000pts, but ive gotten close a few times…anyone with any impressive stats? also, maybe its just my cut-n-run style of gameplay, but i don’t find the mini-square power-up any real advantage, but rather somewhat of a detriment

  2. Olaf N. Myazov says:

    well, it seems like you only need to voice a plaint into atomic lemur “genie”-box and have all your wishes come tru…within five minutes of the above, i just wracked a grand totale of 8273 pointeroonies with 87 squizz-ares to boot! I’m unstoppable! (also, i think i learned something about mini-square…your control-square is growing throughout right? that would make this shrinkage very valuable – in this and only this context alone)

  3. maly says:

    dammit, this is evil. Why did I just spend five minutes of my life chasing tiny black squares? Then again, why do I ponder existentialisms?

    Because I am an idiot.

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